What is so interesting about playing golf?

If you’re a seasoned golfer you’re almost certain to have heard questions like this constantly from friends and family: what’s SO interesting about golf? Many people don’t appreciate the standing around and the requirement to concentrate, which is fair enough, and we were all beginners once trying to get into the sport. However, there are of course plenty of reasons to enjoy golf and many of these go far beyond hitting a ball into a hole.

Firstly, golf is an excellent way of getting some light exercise, which is healthy and easy to do. If you don’t see yourself in the gym every evening or running up and down a pitch, spending a few hours outside is a lot better than nothing, plus this is extra beneficial to older players.

Relaxing is also beneficial to health and it’s definitely something a lot of golfers enjoy while playing. Taking one’s mind off day-to-day life and stress can be difficult, and for many people a round of golf achieves this. If you’re doing well in the game, you’re probably going to feel especially relaxed when it’s all over.

While you’re at it, socialising and doing business can often go hand in hand with golfing. It’s simply a great way to spend time with any small group of people, whether these are family members, friends or potential business partners. You can make your game as relaxed or professional as you want to, and building relationships and rapport with people over a game is going to help with whatever you want to achieve with the same people later. The sport gives many people a great foundation they can bond over and build on.

The last element for many golfers is of course the challenge! Whether you dream of being a world champion or simply enjoy the satisfaction of one successful game every now and again, there’s a lot of potential pay-off from getting your strategy right over time, perfecting your swing and sometimes even getting one over your opponents can feel great. Challenging yourself is almost always a good idea, and golf is a sport that’s perfect for doing this at your own pace.

Whatever you enjoy about golf, there are a huge number of benefits and next time you’re asked the question of why it’s so fascinating, the best thing you can do is invite someone along to see for themselves.