What To Do When Your Usual Golf Course Is Closed

So you finally set aside some time to play golf, only to find that your favourite course is closed! It’s happened to most of us at some point, but what do you do instead when you really got yourself in the mood? Here are a few suggestions to make good use of the time you just inadvertently freed up.

Check if you’re entitled to a free game

Sometimes when a local course is closed, they will have a partnership set up with another venue in the area so that members can enjoy a courtesy game there instead. This gives you an unexpected chance to play a different course, which is always welcome.

Practice at the driving range

Instead of going out on the course, you might take the opportunity to work on your technique at a driving range. This gives you time to work through each of your clubs and try different shots, so by the time you play a full game again your skills will have improved.

Get a professional lesson

If it’s not possible to follow your usual routine, mix it up with a proper lesson from an experienced trainer. We don’t always want to feel like we’re taking our golf too seriously, but if the course is closed then you have a great reason to take a lesson and see how you get on.

Treat yourself to new equipment

Why not use your extra time to get better prepared for your next game, while your mind is on golf? If you need any kind of new clubs or accessories, now is the time to head out shopping.

Try a new golfing experience

When all else fails, opt for a completely new and more fun approach to your regular golfing time. Book a session of crazy golf for you and your family to make your hobby more inclusive than usual, or even look into a golfing holiday elsewhere in the UK or overseas.