How To Spend More Time Golfing In 2017

Many golfing enthusiasts can be heard regularly lamenting how long they have to wait until they get a chance to play golf again. It can be a time-consuming and even expensive hobby, and when life gets busy, there’s not always much you can do. However, we recommend trying a few of the following tips to see if you can squeeze in a few more games in the near future.

Join the club

If you aren’t yet a member of a club then you should seriously consider signing up. Normally it’s not that hard to find discounted prices and opening times that can suit even a busy schedule. Take a look around at different membership and payment options if you aren’t sure what will suit your own limitations.

Take any chance you get

It’s worth checking with your local golf club to find out when any particular events are scheduled for, as it may be easier to make time for a game then. This also helps you network with other players, and this generally makes it easier and more fun to spend time golfing.

Use your calendar

Don’t rely on fitting in a round of golf at the last minute, because if you really are busy that’s just not likely to happen. Instead, make better use of your calendar on your phone (or even a traditional one hanging on your wall!) to plan future golf dates and coordinate with other people to make sure you have a game to look forward to. If necessary you can book months in advance, which is better at least than never getting around to it.

Get family involved

Golfing doesn’t have to be an alternative to spending time with family or friends. Get them involved too by giving them an introduction to the sport, and perhaps they’ll like it as much as you do. That way you can combine family time with one of your favourite hobbies. Golf clubs usually host a whole range of events that don’t involve playing the sport at all, so you can at least arrange for the whole family to attend a dinner or party with other people from your club.

Go on a golfing trip

You could also try factoring in golf to a short holiday, since there are many fantastic golfing destinations across the world and even within the UK. This gives everyone more reasons to get excited and guarantees you’ll get a chance to play your sport.