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Unusual & Unique Golf Courses

Most players who are really into their golf will probably have some ideas already of the places they’d like to visit as a destination golf trip. Some courses across the world have reputations for being the best and most golfers would love to try them out, but here are a few lesser known examples that you might want to consider visiting purely for their quirky and unusual designs and locations.

Shadow Creek Golf Course – Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek Golf Course - Nevada, USA

This course is an incredible feat in itself, and originally it was the most expensive ever constructed. This is due to its placement in the middle of the desert, with no natural trees or water for miles around. Its greenery all had to be imported, including over 20,000 fully grown trees.

El Camaleón at the Fairmont Mayakoba – Quintna Roo, Mexico

El Camaleón at the Fairmont Mayakoba

Taking its name from the chameleon due to its regular updates and changes, El Camaleón is full of obstacles and challenges to make a game of golf more exciting, including deep caves, sand dunes and vast lagoons. This course is ideal for anyone looking for a new and exciting challenge.

Coeur D’Alene Golf Resort – Idaho, USA

Coeur D’Alene Golf Resort

Although this course looks amazing, it is fairly conventional, save for the 14th hole of its par-3 course, which is on its own man-made island. Golfers have to take a boat to get to it, and not only that, it actually moves around in the water thanks to a complicated mechanical system.…

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Sports Performance T-shirts for Golf

golf-552906_12800For golfing, whether it’s a hobby or a competitive sport, we’ve established before that fashion choices can be tricky. One problem that often rears its head is high performance throughout your game, and how your clothing can contribute to this or cause a problem. Certain garments will be much more appropriate in terms of letting you play well compared to others. Another issue is finding professional clothing for a team playing together – it’s much better in relatively serious games if your outfits can be coordinated and present a positive image.

A great way to tackle both of these problems is to shop for custom sports t-shirts, screen printed or embroidered with your chosen design and optimised for performance. In most cases, when you use a professional screen printing company you’ll be given free reign over the design process, either letting you submit your own complete designs (for example, featuring your golf team’s logo and name) or make use of their own designers to bring your vision to life. A similar thing goes for embroidered sports t-shirts – technology is now at the point where bulk production of such items can be extremely cheap, and even ordering just one doesn’t have to be costly.…

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Modern Golfing Fashion for Men

Modern Golfing Fashion for Men

Golf attire has changed over the decades, just like the rest of men’s fashion, and on the whole it’s fair to say most guys are a little more conscious of their fashion choices today. You might not find many classic 1970’s style golfing outfits on the course today (bell-bottomed trousers and pleated business jackets are still mercifully out of fashion), but a certain style has gradually evolved that’s practical, stylish and relatively easy to replicate.

Staying fashionable while enjoying a round of golf doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you steer clear of known disasters and lean towards the understated. Here are a few general rules that should help you avoid spoiling the view for your fellow golfers.

1) Treat the golf course like anywhere else

The key thing to remember is not to lower your standards for what you can get away with while being seen in public. If your outfit would look ridiculous walking down the street, it should not be seen on a golf course either. Bizarre prints and fabric choices can be distracting for all the wrong reasons.

2) Beware the belt buckle

For whatever reason, giant belts with even bigger buckles are a common sight on the golf course. After in-depth research, we have confirmed that there is absolutely no good reason for this, and it can increase your chances of looking like you have no idea what fashion is. A slim slide buckle or ribbon belt is likely to be much more flattering.…

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Best Golf Balls to Buy in 2016

Bridgestone B330 Series

Distance, durability and spin are all important factors when choosing the ideal golf ball to help you succeed in more games, but in a recent survey of keen golfers, ‘feel’ was ranked the most crucial factor. This is interesting and makes it a little tricky to narrow down a conclusive list of the best golf balls, since it’s fairly open to interpretation. However, here are a few great choices that the majority of golf fans have approved of.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred & Tour Preferred X

At the slightly expensive end of most people’s price range, these high-performance TaylorMade golf balls consist of four elements in both cases, although the compositions differ to give the TPX a competitive edge on greenside swings, mainly due to a more substantial outer coating.

Bridgestone B330 Series

This design comes in four slightly different variations, depending on whether you’re a fast swinger or average. The former (B330/S) have slightly less spin than the latter (RX/RXS), but they all feature the same special coating to improve friction.

Callaway Chrome Soft

The newest update of this design has changed from the softer, three-piece version released in 2015. It’s now constructed from four layers which gives it a slightly firmer surface and a urethane coating.…

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Top Female Golfers of 2016

As of now, the top female golf players in the world are ranked as follows. These women have all taken part in at least 38 professional events to reach this stage, and the top ten is highly competitive.

10) Jang Ha-Na

Jang Ha-Na

The first South Korean player in a top ten that includes 50% of its players from that country. Jang turned professional only 6 years ago at the age of 18, and is known for her amusing victory dances. She was at number 9 on the list until very recently she was pushed to the tenth spot.

9) Stacy Lewis

Stacy Lewis

Recently rising one place on the rankings, Lewis is the second-highest American golfer on the list. Until recently she was starting to falter with no wins since 2014, but is gradually regaining her momentum.

8) Amy Yang

Amy Yang

The Korean golfer won numerous titles at a record-breaking young age, and has gone on to great things in recent years, winning tournaments all over the world to secure her the eighth place on the current world ranking.

7) Ariya Jutanugarn

Ariya Jutanugarn

Thai player Jutanugarn has already had a great year, becoming the first ever golfer to win her first three LPGA titles in a row. Her first was the Yokohama Tire LPGA Classic, of which she was the first Thai winner.

6) Chun In-Gee

Chun In-Gee

Another South Korean player on the top ten list, Chun was involved in controversy recently after the father of #10 player Jang Ha-Na accidentally injured her in a strange airport accident, briefly putting a stop to her competitive golf career.

5) Kim Sei-Young

Kim Sei-Young

With five LPGA wins to her name in Korea between 2013 and 2014, Kim went on to win another five LPGA titles after graduating to world class level, the most recent of which was the Meijer LPGA Classic in June 2016.…

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Golf courses to visit

Become a part of golfing history

If someone you know is an avid golf fan, it’s probably hard to find new gifts for them that have a connection to famous golfers and events. The best gift for such a person could be to secure a visit to one of the best golf courses in the world. These courses are usually linked to some past tournaments and will definitely illicit a positive reaction. Among the top gold clubs in the world include:


This may not be the most famous or prestigious in the world, but its unique landscape truly sets it apart from every other golf club. It is both intimidating and attractive, which makes it very unique thanks to the Florida landscape it captures. The course itself is built within the hills to maintain a rugged outlook, but the layout is so pristine and beautiful it has won several awards. That said, expect to see a variety of wildlife and vegetation, culminating to an unforgettable experience.


CordeValle does not require an introduction as every golf fan has at some point dreamt about the course. The history here is deep and the grounds have hosted numerous prestigious events featuring legends such as Tiger Woods, Bryce Molder and many more.

The club is truly world-class and the grounds are perfectly sculpted; there are only slight undulations leaving plenty of even terrain for maximum enjoyment. If you truly want to charm a golf fan with a gift, getting them into the club for this year’s PGA tour will be unforgettable.


Donald Trump is known for doing things big, and this golf club is a statement of that. The entire course and facilities were recently redesigned from the ground up to raise the stature of the club. It now has 90 holes including the Blue Monster which is among the toughest courses on TOUR. Other aspects like the plush landscape and waterways make the golf club really beautiful and appealing.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the whole experience is the accommodation and facilities. 5-star menus and suites, world-class chefs and a butler service are guaranteed to make this the most exciting gift to ever give.…

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Original gifts for fans of golf

We’ve explored some of the most impressive golf courses around the world, and many of these would be more than suitable gifts if you’re thinking of taking a golf fan on the trip of a lifetime. However, there is one obvious problem with most of these options – it’s a lot of money to invest. For a more manageable gift, something scaled back but just as thoughtful can be almost as gratifying without taking a huge toll on your wallet.

Professional Prints

One of the best options you can choose for a low budget gift is to look at professional golf photo prints. You can order high quality pictures and prints of some of the most legendary golf courses on Earth, plus iconic moments featuring the biggest golfers, including Jordan Spieth, Henrik Stenson, Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and many more. Anything is possible from special framed sets of photos to one-off prints – this all depends on how you imagine the person wants to display your present. Consider the different frames and mounts available, as well as canvases, as any of these could be the best option in your case. If you’re feeling creative you can opt for basic prints so you can use your own frames and make the gift even more personal.…

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5 essential items for your golf bag

If you’ve followed our blog you’ll know exactly what kinds of golfing equipment you’ll need to play the best game of your life, and exactly where you might want to go for this. However, that’s definitely not the end of your preparations if you’re really a serious golfer. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 essential items you should really have in your bag, but you might not already!

5) Mobile phone

This is probably not an issue for most people in many situations, but often since phones can be distracting, golfers tend to make a point of leaving them behind when playing. Of course, in an emergency this could prove regrettable and you never known when injuries are going to occur with an sport. Plus, while accidents are unavoidable, arguments aren’t, and having your phone with you to quickly check online and clarify a rule could save your game.

4) Medical kit

This is a good idea in most situations, but for golfing it’s less a case of saving someone’s life and more to do with solving any minor problems that might irritate you and affect your game, like sunscreen, sting relief pads, pain relief tablets, plasters and so on. Depending on where you’re playing, it never hurts to have some sunscreen with you too.…

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Beginner’s guide to golf equipment

If you’re a pro golfer, you probably already think you know everything about choosing the right golfing equipment. Fair point, but don’t we all have those friends we’d love to convert to the sport, and haven’t managed to convince them yet? If you are a beginner looking to start out, or a veteran trying to figure out how to sell it to your buddies, this guide is for you. We’ve narrowed it down to the essentials you’ll need to start your career as an amateur golfer.

1) Half set of clubs

These are going to be costly either way if you want to opt for quality (and you really should), but a great way of minimising the initial investment is to buy half rather than a full set of clubs. You can test other people’s first to figure out what you’re comfortable with, work out where you’re likely to spend most of your game time, and choose your starting clubs accordingly. Make sure you keep track of which ones you already have, so when the time comes for more specialised clubs, you know what you’re missing to complete your set.…

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What is so interesting about playing golf?

If you’re a seasoned golfer you’re almost certain to have heard questions like this constantly from friends and family: what’s SO interesting about golf? Many people don’t appreciate the standing around and the requirement to concentrate, which is fair enough, and we were all beginners once trying to get into the sport. However, there are of course plenty of reasons to enjoy golf and many of these go far beyond hitting a ball into a hole.

Firstly, golf is an excellent way of getting some light exercise, which is healthy and easy to do. If you don’t see yourself in the gym every evening or running up and down a pitch, spending a few hours outside is a lot better than nothing, plus this is extra beneficial to older players.

Relaxing is also beneficial to health and it’s definitely something a lot of golfers enjoy while playing. Taking one’s mind off day-to-day life and stress can be difficult, and for many people a round of golf achieves this. If you’re doing well in the game, you’re probably going to feel especially relaxed when it’s all over.

While you’re at it, socialising and doing business can often go hand in hand with golfing. It’s simply a great way to spend time with any small group of people, whether these are family members, friends or potential business partners. You can make your game as relaxed or professional as you want to, and building relationships and rapport with people over a game is going to help with whatever you want to achieve with the same people later. The sport gives many people a great foundation they can bond over and build on.…

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