Golfing Holidays In Tenerife

If you’re considering going away for a break with family or friends and making golf a part of your experience, one of the best destinations you should be considering is the island of Tenerife.

As one of the most popular Canary Islands, Tenerife has a lot to offer. Historically it has a reputation for adapting itself and moving with the times, having changed its focus over the decades from being a leading fruit exporter to a popular tourist hotspot. Golf is now a major attraction, with multiple courses on the island for visitors to enjoy. We recommend considering the following tips if you’re thinking about booking a golfing trip to Tenerife.

Flights from the UK to Tenerife aren’t expensive considering the distance to the Canary Islands. You should book well in advance if possible to secure the best prices, but generally you should be able to find deals starting well under £100 for return flights. Accommodation costs are not too bad either, but the weak pound at the moment will make your Euros more expensive. Make sure you bear this in mind if you’re used to the exchange rates we enjoyed a few years ago!

Since Tenerife is close to the equator, it enjoys fantastic weather all year round with very little variation. This means you can book at cheaper times of the year and still have a good chance of playing golf in the sun. The island is also ideal for golf courses because of its interesting geography. The centre of the island is home to the volcanic Mount Teide, while the north gets slightly more rain so it’s the most green. The most popular golf courses in Tenerife have been constructed to complement the natural beauty of the island.

We highly recommend the Ritz-Carlton Abama, Golf del Sur and Buenavista if you’re looking for the most memorable and spectacular courses on the island. Each one is close to fantastic accommodation and other fun activities to fill the rest of your holiday. Just be sure to book well in advance for your time on the golf course, as they can be fully booked for months and sometimes charge additional fees if you’re staying outside the resort.