Golf courses to visit

Become a part of golfing history

If someone you know is an avid golf fan, it’s probably hard to find new gifts for them that have a connection to famous golfers and events. The best gift for such a person could be to secure a visit to one of the best golf courses in the world. These courses are usually linked to some past tournaments and will definitely illicit a positive reaction. Among the top gold clubs in the world include:


This may not be the most famous or prestigious in the world, but its unique landscape truly sets it apart from every other golf club. It is both intimidating and attractive, which makes it very unique thanks to the Florida landscape it captures. The course itself is built within the hills to maintain a rugged outlook, but the layout is so pristine and beautiful it has won several awards. That said, expect to see a variety of wildlife and vegetation, culminating to an unforgettable experience.


CordeValle does not require an introduction as every golf fan has at some point dreamt about the course. The history here is deep and the grounds have hosted numerous prestigious events featuring legends such as Tiger Woods, Bryce Molder and many more.

The club is truly world-class and the grounds are perfectly sculpted; there are only slight undulations leaving plenty of even terrain for maximum enjoyment. If you truly want to charm a golf fan with a gift, getting them into the club for this year’s PGA tour will be unforgettable.


Donald Trump is known for doing things big, and this golf club is a statement of that. The entire course and facilities were recently redesigned from the ground up to raise the stature of the club. It now has 90 holes including the Blue Monster which is among the toughest courses on TOUR. Other aspects like the plush landscape and waterways make the golf club really beautiful and appealing.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the whole experience is the accommodation and facilities. 5-star menus and suites, world-class chefs and a butler service are guaranteed to make this the most exciting gift to ever give.


Also among the list of top golf courses in the world, this club is much more open to the public and thereby attractive for private events and perhaps shooting a few holes. The dramatic shift from forest to lawn is what makes this course very unique, that and the coastal backdrop. Several water hazards and obstacles make the game challenging as you enjoy the day under the California sun. this is truly another magical location for both avid golfers and spectators.


This is one of the oldest courses in the world, being established in 1877, and still remains to be one of the most admired grounds. The golf club acquired royal status more than 100 years ago which means you can expect very high standards.

Part of the allure of the Roya Dornoch is that despite numerous renovations, it still remains very natural and beautiful, without too much human intervention. Even so, the course is still very challenging because of winds and plush greens that won’t allow for bounce-and-run go