The Dos and Don’ts of Golfing Accessories

Golfing Accessories

We already covered the rules you should follow when preparing your outfit before hitting the golf course, and to be honest we could have carried on for several pages making sure to outlaw every fashion crime we’ve seen over the years. Fortunately, we decided to cut it short, but we just had to make an entire post on accessories. Be very careful that you don’t stray too far from the rules of fashion – after all, the golf course is still outside, and people have eyes.

1) Sunglasses

Why would anyone have different sunglasses for playing golf which are more extravagant and weird than their usual ones? Sunglasses are there to protect your eyes from the sun, and to look extra cool where necessary. Of all places, a golf course is somewhere that you need to focus on functionality and simple style. Please don’t wear bizarre sunglasses and distract your fellow players.

2) Hats

A hat is another great, functional item for a golf course. Keeping the sun off your face can be extremely wise if you’re spending a few hours outside on a hot day, and you’ll need to see clearly to take your best shots. However, like with sunglasses, a golfing hat is not something that should be as ridiculous as possible, and we don’t know why so many people try to take this approach. Opt for a baseball cap, preferably with a flat rim that simply does the job.

3) Shoes

We mentioned this in relation to composing your outfit, but shoes are accessories too and literally everyone on the golf course will be making this decision (if not, you’re doing it wrong and you’re beyond help). We can’t stress enough that modern golf shoes do not need to sacrifice style for practicality. There are thousands of options that balance both, and don’t cost a lot. Please find them before you consider turning up in oddly-shaped, spiked shoes that would be more suitable for a walk on Mars than a round of golf.