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How to Organise a Golf Tour

Golf tours are carried out at different times of the year. Most golf societies usually plan a group trip to the annual golf tour for all members. If you’re one of the leaders of the organisation, you’ll find that it can be challenging to organise and plan the trip. To ensure your plan goes smoothly […]

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Working Out Distance In Windy Conditions

When you’re playing golf, a number of factors will influence how well you can play. Aside from your actual skill level, there are obviously many things which can affect performance such as the clubs you’re using, the clothes you’re wearing, and of course the weather. One of the main meteorological factors that has an influence […]

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How To Spend More Time Golfing In 2017

Many golfing enthusiasts can be heard regularly lamenting how long they have to wait until they get a chance to play golf again. It can be a time-consuming and even expensive hobby, and when life gets busy, there’s not always much you can do. However, we recommend trying a few of the following tips to […]

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