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The Best Golf Courses in The World

Aspiring golfers are always on the lookout for new golf courses that will challenge their ability. If you’ve explored all the golf courses in your country, you may want to venture out and try a different golf course that’s entirely out of your comfort zone. It’s also an excellent opportunity to travel to a different […]

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Golfing Holidays In Tenerife

If you’re considering going away for a break with family or friends and making golf a part of your experience, one of the best destinations you should be considering is the island of Tenerife. As one of the most popular Canary Islands, Tenerife has a lot to offer. Historically it has a reputation for adapting […]

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Visiting England’s Golf Coast

Along the coastline of England to the west of Manchester, you’ll find the area which has become known as England’s Golf Coast. From Blackpool to Liverpool and in the surrounding areas, a total of 17 different golf courses can be found, making this one of the definitive places in the country for golfing fans to […]

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Golfing in Dubai

Dubai Golf Course

Dubai is one of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious destinations for high-class travellers, but it also boasts some incredible golf courses. In fact, visiting Dubai for a golfing trip might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. The region’s two main golf clubs, the Emirates Golf Club (established over 22 years ago) and the […]

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Unusual & Unique Golf Courses

Most players who are really into their golf will probably have some ideas already of the places they’d like to visit as a destination golf trip. Some courses across the world have reputations for being the best and most golfers would love to try them out, but here are a few lesser known examples that […]

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Golf courses to visit

Become a part of golfing history If someone you know is an avid golf fan, it’s probably hard to find new gifts for them that have a connection to famous golfers and events. The best gift for such a person could be to secure a visit to one of the best golf courses in the […]

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