Beginner’s guide to golf equipment

If you’re a pro golfer, you probably already think you know everything about choosing the right golfing equipment. Fair point, but don’t we all have those friends we’d love to convert to the sport, and haven’t managed to convince them yet? If you are a beginner looking to start out, or a veteran trying to figure out how to sell it to your buddies, this guide is for you. We’ve narrowed it down to the essentials you’ll need to start your career as an amateur golfer.

1) Half set of clubs

These are going to be costly either way if you want to opt for quality (and you really should), but a great way of minimising the initial investment is to buy half rather than a full set of clubs. You can test other people’s first to figure out what you’re comfortable with, work out where you’re likely to spend most of your game time, and choose your starting clubs accordingly. Make sure you keep track of which ones you already have, so when the time comes for more specialised clubs, you know what you’re missing to complete your set.

2) Golf shoes

Many amateurs have no idea what to look for in golf shoes, but really it’s all about making them as comfortable as possible so you get a great game out of them. They’ll need to fit the requirements so you’re actually allowed on the golf course, but other than that the style can vary a lot. Many golf shoes come equipped with fancy gadgets – we’re one step away from self-tying laces, but state of the art cooling systems and fitted cables that tighten the shoes are great options you can buy now.

3) Golf balls

Perhaps the most obvious essential item, or perhaps not. There are actually a huge variety of different balls available, and as a complete novice you’re only going to learn what your preference is through practice. You can start off with balls that maximise the distance they cover no matter how hard (or skilfully) you actually swing. The only thing to remember is you can’t become too attached to any golf ball, as you’re likely to get through a huge number of them over the years.