5 essential items for your golf bag

If you’ve followed our blog you’ll know exactly what kinds of golfing equipment you’ll need to play the best game of your life, and exactly where you might want to go for this. However, that’s definitely not the end of your preparations if you’re really a serious golfer. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 essential items you should really have in your bag, but you might not already!

5) Mobile phone

This is probably not an issue for most people in many situations, but often since phones can be distracting, golfers tend to make a point of leaving them behind when playing. Of course, in an emergency this could prove regrettable and you never known when injuries are going to occur with an sport. Plus, while accidents are unavoidable, arguments aren’t, and having your phone with you to quickly check online and clarify a rule could save your game.

4) Medical kit

This is a good idea in most situations, but for golfing it’s less a case of saving someone’s life and more to do with solving any minor problems that might irritate you and affect your game, like sunscreen, sting relief pads, pain relief tablets, plasters and so on. Depending on where you’re playing, it never hurts to have some sunscreen with you too.

3) Extra gloves and socks

These are easy to remember as they weigh almost nothing and you can leave them in your bag until you need them, but in some situations you’ll be glad of these. If you manage to get socks or gloves wet for any reason, it’s much better to switch them and continue enjoying your game. Other items to protect your game from rainy weather should be a given, but these are often forgotten!

2) Business cards

This one depends on the person, but who couldn’t benefit from a bit of networking? It’s a great idea to keep a few cards in a small plastic bag so just in case you run into someone you’d like to stay in touch with, you can initiate that in a professional way. You might even get invited to meet over another round – what could be better?

1) Spare shoelaces

This is something almost nobody would normally think of, in our experience, but in the unlikely event that you do manage to break your shoelaces during a game of golf, this could be a disaster. It’s so simple to get some spares and keep them in your bag, we don’t see why anyone would risk it.
If you keep your golf bag stocked up with all these items, you’re much more likely to keep your mind off the small distractions and get your head in the game. Your best ever performance might be your next!