Month: September 2016

Unusual & Unique Golf Courses

Most players who are really into their golf will probably have some ideas already of the places they’d like to visit as a destination golf trip. Some courses across the world have reputations for being the best and most golfers would love to try them out, but here are a few lesser known examples that you might want to consider visiting purely for their quirky and unusual designs and locations.

Shadow Creek Golf Course – Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek Golf Course - Nevada, USA

This course is an incredible feat in itself, and originally it was the most expensive ever constructed. This is due to its placement in the middle of the desert, with no natural trees or water for miles around. Its greenery all had to be imported, including over 20,000 fully grown trees.

El Camaleón at the Fairmont Mayakoba – Quintna Roo, Mexico

El Camaleón at the Fairmont Mayakoba

Taking its name from the chameleon due to its regular updates and changes, El Camaleón is full of obstacles and challenges to make a game of golf more exciting, including deep caves, sand dunes and vast lagoons. This course is ideal for anyone looking for a new and exciting challenge.

Coeur D’Alene Golf Resort – Idaho, USA

Coeur D’Alene Golf Resort

Although this course looks amazing, it is fairly conventional, save for the 14th hole of its par-3 course, which is on its own man-made island. Golfers have to take a boat to get to it, and not only that, it actually moves around in the water thanks to a complicated mechanical system.…

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Sports Performance T-shirts for Golf

golf-552906_12800For golfing, whether it’s a hobby or a competitive sport, we’ve established before that fashion choices can be tricky. One problem that often rears its head is high performance throughout your game, and how your clothing can contribute to this or cause a problem. Certain garments will be much more appropriate in terms of letting you play well compared to others. Another issue is finding professional clothing for a team playing together – it’s much better in relatively serious games if your outfits can be coordinated and present a positive image.

A great way to tackle both of these problems is to shop for custom sports t-shirts, screen printed or embroidered with your chosen design and optimised for performance. In most cases, when you use a professional screen printing company you’ll be given free reign over the design process, either letting you submit your own complete designs (for example, featuring your golf team’s logo and name) or make use of their own designers to bring your vision to life. A similar thing goes for embroidered sports t-shirts – technology is now at the point where bulk production of such items can be extremely cheap, and even ordering just one doesn’t have to be costly.…

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