Month: August 2016

Modern Golfing Fashion for Men

Modern Golfing Fashion for Men

Golf attire has changed over the decades, just like the rest of men’s fashion, and on the whole it’s fair to say most guys are a little more conscious of their fashion choices today. You might not find many classic 1970’s style golfing outfits on the course today (bell-bottomed trousers and pleated business jackets are still mercifully out of fashion), but a certain style has gradually evolved that’s practical, stylish and relatively easy to replicate.

Staying fashionable while enjoying a round of golf doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you steer clear of known disasters and lean towards the understated. Here are a few general rules that should help you avoid spoiling the view for your fellow golfers.

1) Treat the golf course like anywhere else

The key thing to remember is not to lower your standards for what you can get away with while being seen in public. If your outfit would look ridiculous walking down the street, it should not be seen on a golf course either. Bizarre prints and fabric choices can be distracting for all the wrong reasons.

2) Beware the belt buckle

For whatever reason, giant belts with even bigger buckles are a common sight on the golf course. After in-depth research, we have confirmed that there is absolutely no good reason for this, and it can increase your chances of looking like you have no idea what fashion is. A slim slide buckle or ribbon belt is likely to be much more flattering.…

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