Month: July 2016

Best Golf Balls to Buy in 2016

Bridgestone B330 Series

Distance, durability and spin are all important factors when choosing the ideal golf ball to help you succeed in more games, but in a recent survey of keen golfers, ‘feel’ was ranked the most crucial factor. This is interesting and makes it a little tricky to narrow down a conclusive list of the best golf balls, since it’s fairly open to interpretation. However, here are a few great choices that the majority of golf fans have approved of.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred & Tour Preferred X

At the slightly expensive end of most people’s price range, these high-performance TaylorMade golf balls consist of four elements in both cases, although the compositions differ to give the TPX a competitive edge on greenside swings, mainly due to a more substantial outer coating.

Bridgestone B330 Series

This design comes in four slightly different variations, depending on whether you’re a fast swinger or average. The former (B330/S) have slightly less spin than the latter (RX/RXS), but they all feature the same special coating to improve friction.

Callaway Chrome Soft

The newest update of this design has changed from the softer, three-piece version released in 2015. It’s now constructed from four layers which gives it a slightly firmer surface and a urethane coating.…

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