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Golfing Holidays In Tenerife

If you’re considering going away for a break with family or friends and making golf a part of your experience, one of the best destinations you should be considering is the island of Tenerife.

As one of the most popular Canary Islands, Tenerife has a lot to offer. Historically it has a reputation for adapting itself and moving with the times, having changed its focus over the decades from being a leading fruit exporter to a popular tourist hotspot. Golf is now a major attraction, with multiple courses on the island for visitors to enjoy. We recommend considering the following tips if you’re thinking about booking a golfing trip to Tenerife.

Flights from the UK to Tenerife aren’t expensive considering the distance to the Canary Islands. You should book well in advance if possible to secure the best prices, but generally you should be able to find deals starting well under £100 for return flights. Accommodation costs are not too bad either, but the weak pound at the moment will make your Euros more expensive. Make sure you bear this in mind if you’re used to the exchange rates we enjoyed a few years ago!

Since Tenerife is close to the equator, it enjoys fantastic weather all year round with very little variation. This means you can book at cheaper times of the year and still have a good chance of playing golf in the sun. The island is also ideal for golf courses because of its interesting geography. The centre of the island is home to the volcanic Mount Teide, while the north gets slightly more rain so it’s the most green. The most popular golf courses in Tenerife have been constructed to complement the natural beauty of the island.

We highly recommend the Ritz-Carlton Abama, Golf del Sur and Buenavista if you’re looking for the most memorable and spectacular courses on the island. Each one is close to fantastic accommodation and other fun activities to fill the rest of your holiday. Just be sure to book well in advance for your time on the golf course, as they can be fully booked for months and sometimes charge additional fees if you’re staying outside the resort.…

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What To Do When Your Usual Golf Course Is Closed

So you finally set aside some time to play golf, only to find that your favourite course is closed! It’s happened to most of us at some point, but what do you do instead when you really got yourself in the mood? Here are a few suggestions to make good use of the time you just inadvertently freed up.

Check if you’re entitled to a free game

Sometimes when a local course is closed, they will have a partnership set up with another venue in the area so that members can enjoy a courtesy game there instead. This gives you an unexpected chance to play a different course, which is always welcome.

Practice at the driving range

Instead of going out on the course, you might take the opportunity to work on your technique at a driving range. This gives you time to work through each of your clubs and try different shots, so by the time you play a full game again your skills will have improved.

Get a professional lesson

If it’s not possible to follow your usual routine, mix it up with a proper lesson from an experienced trainer. We don’t always want to feel like we’re taking our golf too seriously, but if the course is closed then you have a great reason to take a lesson and see how you get on.

Treat yourself to new equipment

Why not use your extra time to get better prepared for your next game, while your mind is on golf? If you need any kind of new clubs or accessories, now is the time to head out shopping.

Try a new golfing experience

When all else fails, opt for a completely new and more fun approach to your regular golfing time. Book a session of crazy golf for you and your family to make your hobby more inclusive than usual, or even look into a golfing holiday elsewhere in the UK or overseas.…

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Visiting England’s Golf Coast

Along the coastline of England to the west of Manchester, you’ll find the area which has become known as England’s Golf Coast. From Blackpool to Liverpool and in the surrounding areas, a total of 17 different golf courses can be found, making this one of the definitive places in the country for golfing fans to arrange a visit to.

In fact, more than 10% of the UK’s top golf courses can be found in this area alone. The Open Championship has been held on the Golf Coast dozens of times in the last century, including in 2017 with the Open being held at Royal Birkdale. The Ryder Cup and The Walker Cup both have a long history of being hosted in the region too.

All three of these major competitions have been held at Royal Lytham & St Anne’s, Royal Birkdale and Muirfield, which are all considered the premier venues in the area. However, given that all 17 of the courses considered part of the Golf Coast have been open for over 100 years, it’s no surprise that the entire region has a unique reputation around the world and every one of the courses is considered to meet a very high standard.

Since accommodation is available very close by at every one of the courses on the Golf Coast, with many venues having their own private hotels and rooms, visiting the area for a short break is an extremely popular option. Of course, being very close to Liverpool is another major draw for tourists who also happen to be interested in golf, plus this means a wide range of restaurants, shops and amenities are always nearby. Combining a short UK holiday with some time at these iconic golf courses is the ideal way to spend some time playing your favourite sport.…

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Working Out Distance In Windy Conditions

When you’re playing golf, a number of factors will influence how well you can play. Aside from your actual skill level, there are obviously many things which can affect performance such as the clubs you’re using, the clothes you’re wearing, and of course the weather.

One of the main meteorological factors that has an influence on the success of a particular shot is the wind. It’s usually completely unpredictable, but it can actually make a big difference when it comes to where the ball actually lands after you hit it compared to where you originally intended it to land.

It is possible to figure out a good estimate of how the wind might impact your next shot, allowing you to make adjustments accordingly. You should start with the following tips:

  • Check the weather forecast to see how strong the wind is likely to be and what direction it will probably be coming from. You can even check for live updates on your phone (if you haven’t left it behind to relax during your game, of course).
  • Buy a handheld anemometer, which can give you plenty of useful information about the wind speed, temperature and so on at your current location.
  • The simplest method for golfers is to simply rip a small handful of grass and toss it up in the air to judge the direction and approximate strength of the wind.
  • As an alternative to the grass method, you can try checking the clouds directly above you to confirm the direction in which the wind is currently blowing.

Once you get some experience, you should be able to approximately estimate what the speed of the wind is at your location on the golf course as well as the direction of it. This gives you all the information you need to compensate for these conditions when you take your next shot. First, though, you need to calculate the adjusted distance you should be aiming for.

  • For a headwind, add 1% to the distance you’re aiming for based on every 1mph of wind. For example, to make a 100-yard shot with a 5mph headwind, you’ll need to treat the distance as 105 yards.
  • Downwind has slightly less impact, but it’s the opposite effect, so you need to take 0.5% off your intended distance for every 1mph of wind to avoid overshooting. Following this rule, the same 100-yard shot with a 5mph wind from behind can be made if you aim for 98 yards.
  • Crosswinds may be unpredictable but they don’t typically affect your distance. There is no calculation you can do to correct any deviation here.

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How To Spend More Time Golfing In 2017

Many golfing enthusiasts can be heard regularly lamenting how long they have to wait until they get a chance to play golf again. It can be a time-consuming and even expensive hobby, and when life gets busy, there’s not always much you can do. However, we recommend trying a few of the following tips to see if you can squeeze in a few more games in the near future.

Join the club

If you aren’t yet a member of a club then you should seriously consider signing up. Normally it’s not that hard to find discounted prices and opening times that can suit even a busy schedule. Take a look around at different membership and payment options if you aren’t sure what will suit your own limitations.

Take any chance you get

It’s worth checking with your local golf club to find out when any particular events are scheduled for, as it may be easier to make time for a game then. This also helps you network with other players, and this generally makes it easier and more fun to spend time golfing.

Use your calendar

Don’t rely on fitting in a round of golf at the last minute, because if you really are busy that’s just not likely to happen. Instead, make better use of your calendar on your phone (or even a traditional one hanging on your wall!) to plan future golf dates and coordinate with other people to make sure you have a game to look forward to. If necessary you can book months in advance, which is better at least than never getting around to it.

Get family involved

Golfing doesn’t have to be an alternative to spending time with family or friends. Get them involved too by giving them an introduction to the sport, and perhaps they’ll like it as much as you do. That way you can combine family time with one of your favourite hobbies. Golf clubs usually host a whole range of events that don’t involve playing the sport at all, so you can at least arrange for the whole family to attend a dinner or party with other people from your club.

Go on a golfing trip

You could also try factoring in golf to a short holiday, since there are many fantastic golfing destinations across the world and even within the UK. This gives everyone more reasons to get excited and guarantees you’ll get a chance to play your sport.…

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Golfing in Dubai

Dubai Golf Course

Dubai is one of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious destinations for high-class travellers, but it also boasts some incredible golf courses. In fact, visiting Dubai for a golfing trip might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. The region’s two main golf clubs, the Emirates Golf Club (established over 22 years ago) and the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, offer some of the best experiences in the world for players looking for a relaxing game with beautiful surroundings.

In 2016 alone, Dubai’s famous courses have received numerous awards, including multiple entries on Golf Digest’s Top 10 Golf Courses in the Middle East, and several titles from 59club including The Ultimate Members Club, Gold Flag Award, Green Keeper of the Year and Golf Group of the Year for Dubai Golf, the group which manages the majority of the premier courses.

In Dubai the hotels and accommodation are of the highest class, and their golf courses are no different. At all the major destinations, you will find beautiful green golf courses surrounded by palm trees, several of them right by the ocean. Since much of the area surrounded Dubai is man-made, including many of its islands just off the coast, the carefully crafted landscapes of its golf courses blend in seamlessly. It’s a unique destination since you can play a few rounds while taking in the breathtaking views of the city skyline, with stunning vistas and immaculate green grass right alongside the world’s finest skyscraper hotels.…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Golfing Accessories

Golfing Accessories

We already covered the rules you should follow when preparing your outfit before hitting the golf course, and to be honest we could have carried on for several pages making sure to outlaw every fashion crime we’ve seen over the years. Fortunately, we decided to cut it short, but we just had to make an entire post on accessories. Be very careful that you don’t stray too far from the rules of fashion – after all, the golf course is still outside, and people have eyes.

1) Sunglasses

Why would anyone have different sunglasses for playing golf which are more extravagant and weird than their usual ones? Sunglasses are there to protect your eyes from the sun, and to look extra cool where necessary. Of all places, a golf course is somewhere that you need to focus on functionality and simple style. Please don’t wear bizarre sunglasses and distract your fellow players.

2) Hats

A hat is another great, functional item for a golf course. Keeping the sun off your face can be extremely wise if you’re spending a few hours outside on a hot day, and you’ll need to see clearly to take your best shots. However, like with sunglasses, a golfing hat is not something that should be as ridiculous as possible, and we don’t know why so many people try to take this approach. Opt for a baseball cap, preferably with a flat rim that simply does the job.…

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Sports Performance T-shirts for Golf

golf-552906_12800For golfing, whether it’s a hobby or a competitive sport, we’ve established before that fashion choices can be tricky. One problem that often rears its head is high performance throughout your game, and how your clothing can contribute to this or cause a problem. Certain garments will be much more appropriate in terms of letting you play well compared to others. Another issue is finding professional clothing for a team playing together – it’s much better in relatively serious games if your outfits can be coordinated and present a positive image.

A great way to tackle both of these problems is to shop for custom sports t-shirts, screen printed or embroidered with your chosen design and optimised for performance. In most cases, when you use a professional screen printing company you’ll be given free reign over the design process, either letting you submit your own complete designs (for example, featuring your golf team’s logo and name) or make use of their own designers to bring your vision to life. A similar thing goes for embroidered sports t-shirts – technology is now at the point where bulk production of such items can be extremely cheap, and even ordering just one doesn’t have to be costly.…

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The Best Golf Courses in The World

golf courses

Aspiring golfers are always on the lookout for new golf courses that will challenge their ability. If you’ve explored all the golf courses in your country, you may want to venture out and try a different golf course that’s entirely out of your comfort zone. It’s also an excellent opportunity to travel to a different place at the same time.

Turnberry, Scotland

The Turnberry golf course is one of the most famous golf courses in Scotland. It has hosted some great games that included golf players like Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson. You also get a stunning view of the British Isles which is one of the bonuses for playing in this field.

Royal County Down, Northern Ireland

The royal county down golf club offers a breathtaking view of the Irish Bay of Dundrum. Although the golf course hasn’t hosted any major golf events, it’s proven to be one of the most challenging golf courses in the country. The weather condition in the area can be unpredictable, and this can test the player to their limits.

Pine Valley, USA

The pine valley golf course opened back in 1919 and since then has become one of the most challenging golf courses in the whole world. Many players found it difficult to complete the entire course in 70 strokes. For golfers who love a challenge, this place would be worth the visit.

Royal Birkdale, England

The Birkdale golf course has fantastic scenery and comes with some great golf holes. The course is created in a way that your ball will rarely go off course. It’s a luxury golf course that comes with the complete package including clubhouse, staffs and a golf shop. It’s a great place for golfers who want to experience the luxury side of golf. The location is also known as one of the top golf courses in England.…

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How to Organise a Golf Tour

golf tour

Golf tours are carried out at different times of the year. Most golf societies usually plan a group trip to the annual golf tour for all members. If you’re one of the leaders of the organisation, you’ll find that it can be challenging to organise and plan the trip. To ensure your plan goes smoothly without hassle, we’ve come up with the following tips that can help.

Make it memorable

To make the event different from last year’s tour, it may be a good idea to do something different and memorable. You could introduce a specific theme as this may attract more people to join in. You could also add some fun activities in between the games.

Dates and Budget

The second step is to decide the exact date for the tour. You can let everyone know about the confirmed date, and you’ll be able to find out how many people can attend the event. It’s important to know how many people are going when booking in advance for the tour.


You may need to collect a deposit from members attending the tour, especially when booking accommodation. The deposit will be required when booking in advance.

Book in advance

Ideally, it’s best to book in advance. Usually, golf tours are booked a year in advance for peak times. If there are lots of people going, you will have to schedule more tee times for the reserved block. You want to avoid last minute as you may run out of spaces for booking.


Once you have booked everything, create a document and fill it with all the information you need for the tour and hand out the information to all guest attending the event. The information should include directions on how to get to the locations and any other relevant contact information.…

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Using a Golf Sports Psychologist to Improve Your Game

Sports Psychologist in Golf

As golf fans and regular players, we are always looking to enhance our own skills further and take our games to the next level. A big part of enjoying the sport comes from gradually building your skill level and confidence, which mainly comes from experience but can be sped up considerably with some professional training or other assistance. You may not have considered the benefits of speaking to a sports psychologist with golf as their area of specialism, but this can really work for some people and offers a range of benefits.

Starting with the main reason we have outlined above, people seeking better performance during a game of golf will be most likely to seek out the services of a trained professional in this field. Consulting with a sport psychologist for performance enhancement works because consistency is so crucial, and this relies heavily on psychological factors, perhaps even more so than physical ones. Several key factors go into developing this improved level of consistency, which you may cover in detail during sessions with a sports psychologist. These include the following.…

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